Finding the Right Dental Lab


Choosing the right dental laboratory for your practice is critical to providing quality care to your patients. A healthy relationship between your office and dental implant lab is critical to the success of your practice and the satisfaction of your patients. It is important to understand how dental laboratories operate and what types of restorations they are able to build. So, how do you decide what dental implant laboratory is best for your practice?



High-quality materials are not the only factor to consider when selecting an implant lab. Knowing the lab’s time frame for building restorations and their delivery methods will help decide what lab will meet your needs. 


State of the Art Technology

Techniques and technologies are constantly evolving, so dentists and technicians should educate themselves on any advancements in the field of restorations. In addition to providing impeccable goods and services, a dental lab should be committed to continuing education by staying up to date on the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment used for building and making restorations.

At VerTrue Dental Lab our technology is continuously evaluated to find the most efficient and effective ways of restoration creation. We have certified lab technicians to ensure the restorations are top quality.  From ceramics, to implants, to removables and more, we strive to provide the ultimate level of craftsmanship through the most modern and innovative technology available.


Quality of Work

A dependable commitment to producing top-notch products is essential when selecting a dental lab. Make sure to choose a lab that uses ADA-approved materials and not cheap or knock-off versions that could harm your patients.


Do they outsource? 

Many dental labs may have to outsource things and you should make sure you are aware of that before choosing them. Outsourcing can mean that the dental laboratory has less control over the production process and in many countries, there are fewer safety regulations than there are in American-made products. Quality can also be an issue. Quality standards may not be as stringent as you would expect.

If we look beyond the risks associated with using a dental laboratory that outsources, there are several benefits of buying locally made or even American-made products from a trusted company such as the VerTrue Dental Lab. 

At the VerTrue Dental Lab, we make everything in-house at our Camp Hill, PA location. While we are experts in crafting aesthetically superior lab work, we also aim to provide excellent communication with our doctors so we can make sure to deliver exactly what they are asking for in a timely manner.


The Takeaway

It’s important to remember that dental laboratories play a major role in the outcome of dental treatments. Choosing a laboratory that works harmoniously with you and shares your same passion for unparalleled customer service is vital to the success of your practice. Be sure that you are asking the right questions before committing to a dental lab. VerTrue Dental Lab can provide superior services that your practice and your patients deserve!